Meet our 10m² to 20m² room size air purifiers

Protect your lungs
IDEAL air cleaners with innovative filter technologies can reliably remove all of these pollutants and allergens from the air. Since our lungs are not designed to be filters for polluted indoor air.  IDEAL air filtration systems remove even the smalles particles such as pathogens, allergens and chemical compounds from polluted indoor air. Highly effective filter technology cleans the indoor air by almost 100%. The OptiFlow system also catches particles that are further away and optimally distributes the fresh and cleaned air in your room. For these devices, it is incumbent open the filter and cleaning system.

AP 15 Air Purifier

Innovative features

Intelligent Air Quality Sensor, Automatic Mode, Optionally selectable PlasmaWave® ­system, Active Illuminated Display, Variable Speeds, Intelligent Light Sensor.


Captures even remoter dust or smoke particles and distributes fresh air optimally through the room.

Handy Remote Control.

Makes simple operation even more convenient. For distances of up to 6 metres.

Simple Filter Change.

TA filter change display guarantees constant air quality. The practical filter cassette can be changed simply and quickly.

and weight

Height: 470 mm 
Width: 350 mm
Depth: 210 mm
Weight: 6 kg